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World Beyond Borders -Global Alliance

Who are these people that are crossing the borders around the world? Melting borders have created chaos, but only for a few who fear and neglect to understand their brothers and sisters of diverse ethnicities and cultures. Until recently, this realization was welcomed through friendships and acceptance of the familiarity found among a group called “World Beyond Borders.” These group members work together to establish welcoming communities within Arizona, who meet once a month to celebrate their differences and cultivate their relationships by setting up events such as cricket games, ethnic potlucks, and seasonal ethnic celebrations. Recently, the group observed Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights held during the months of October to November. In November they will celebrate Thanksgiving in commemorating the Native American historical feast of welcoming of the new people crossing the borders over 200 years ago.

World Beyond Borders, represents thirteen different ethnic groups as of now, and welcomes all who desire to join in the celebration of cultural familiarity as a family. Today the world is becoming a global village, and as we learn to thrive in an environment consisting of diverse cultures, we must learn to value the worth of individuals. The purpose of the group is to spend quality time with other cultures allowing each of us to understand the struggles faced with traditions within the community during integration.

The purpose of sharing in various events together is to learn about the diverse cultural groups as peers within different social events. This can consist of sports, food, and traditional celebrations. It has become quite surprising to discover how much we have in common and how little we are different. The benefits of learning about different cultures in a world of ever-changing topography provides a significant development and problem-solving enhancement for communities. Ethnic and racial divisions are hurtful to society; therefore, these opportunities of community building events are becoming a solution to cultural barriers.

World Beyond Borders, builds healthy diverse cultural relationships by celebrating everyone. Creating opportunities by interacting and making friends through networking events. Sharing invaluable stories and the appreciation of their differences encourages bonds that breakdown walls and barriers of misunderstandings. This is World Beyond Borders!

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