About us

Inspirational Beings aims to create reservoirs of inspiration through a global platform. We interview eminent personalities from across the globe and publish their interviews as well prepare short 2-3 minutes videos on them. Our aim is to understand their struggles, their thought process during their battle and how they keep their motivation high in turbulent time.

Every one of us feels low some point in our life, and most of us struggle to go through such phase in life. These stories will inspire us and be our beacon to guide us through such a step.  These short videos are created by taking interviews of real heroes from different parts of the world.
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We aspire to integrate all the inspired minds of the world on one global platform, who transformed lives and communities with their Insight and Spark.

In the current situation, our society is more exposed to negative news through media and social channels but there is enormous good work, and notable virtuous acts of people in the other corner of the world go unnoticed.
We intend to focus our energy, on the positive happening throughout the world, so we manifest inspiration, and it stays with all of us.

Their magnificent work of fighting with all odds and leading a great life will be a great motivation to all of us.

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