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"Cracking the Code to Success" Author Kiran Vedantam - A World Beyond Borders Interview

Kiran Vedantam shares his family's journey to their success today coming from one country to another with his experiences, challenges, and very knowledgeable advice for many others to be inspired and continue on in their motivation to their paths of success as well. He brings so much valuable, unknown information and a ton of hidden gems to the table as well.

Stay tuned and you can find more tips and exclusive information on his channel @WHYseekers and through his book, "Cracking The Code To Success - "How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Success", on Amazon.

World Beyond Borders, a non-profit organization sub-division under Inspirational Beings, is striving to break down the barriers that divide us. We invite accomplished individuals to share their struggles and milestone achievements with our audience providing encouragement and hope to the younger generation.

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