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Cherish your Passion

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Sharad Vesawkar is a Nepali mainstay Cricketer & one of the biggest name in Nepali cricket. He was amongst eleven cricketers to play in Nepal's first-ever One Day International match, against the Netherlands, in August 2018. He made his debut for Nepal against UAE in March 2004. Sharad's batting played a pivotal part in leading Nepal to the 2014 ICC World Twenty20.

Please Watch this 2 mins video to get glimpses of how his journey. Do read his full interview with Inspirational Beings team to know despite of having so many challenges how he continued and cherished his passion which ultimately paid off.

1)Tell us about your background?

I was born in the UAE, Dubai. My father used to work there, and he was married to my Mom, a Nepali. My father was originally from India used to come here to meet his friends. I was around age 7 when we moved to Nepal as my father had to retire.

2) When and why you decided to become Cricketer and how did you reach there?

I used to play with my brother's friends in early childhood in Dubai, then after moving to Nepal I took cricket seriously, watched the 1996 world cup on TV where Sachin Tendulkar played very well since then he inspired me to take up this sport. Around 1998 I joined the first Coaching Cricket academy of Nepal (Everest cricket academy) from there on my cricketing journey started.

3) What are some of the key challenges you faced in walking on this route?

The first challenge was about our citizenship. My father was a foreigner in Nepal. I was not sure as I would get to play for Nepal later, and the laws didn't allow it as citizenship was only given to a child of a father of a Nepali citizen. Lack of citizenship was the worst thing I faced over the years. After representing Nepali cricket for 11 years at the international level, I received naturalized citizenship as a recognition for my special contribution to Nepali sport under ‘distinguished personality’ provision.

Cricket has not been given much importance and earning through the Cricket profession was not enough to make a living. We never used to get paid much as salary or allowances. Our daily allowances per day at training was less than $1 till 2010. Also, until today we have only one international quality ground.

4) What was your thought process to overcome the phase when you were not selected two times for under 17?

To overcome the phase when I didn't get selected was very tough as I was young and very immature in thinking and almost gave up playing cricket, but I overcame my emotions and hardships and continued chasing my passion. This was my turning point in life and it ultimately paid off.

5)You were instrumental in qualifying Nepal for ICC T20, how did you manage that?

It was a career-changing tournament for me. It was a team effort that made us reach the world cup but after that tournament, I gained a lot of confidence to perform at the international level. Somehow, I managed to play well and contributed for the team and because of sheer hard work and determination

6) Tell us about that incident? What are your best and worst experiences in your journey till now, and what have you learned from those experiences?

The best part was qualifying for the T20 World Cup. It was like a dream come true!

The most difficult experience was during my first international event which is good and bad at the same time. It is unforgettable because it was my first international event and I got to start my career in the UAE. I scored 275 runs in 8 matches including a 106 against Qatar and 78 against India. With that, I was selected for the Dream Team and visited Sri Lanka. It was tragic because I couldn't share this news with my father, who passed away in India on his business trip due to a heart attack.

7) Tell us about your inclination towards your spiritual journey?

Art of Living (AOL) inclination happened from 2013 which has changed my life. It is very difficult to explain the feeling and experience in words, still very early in the part of my spiritual journey, but it's been wonderful and very grateful to our Master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In personal life, it has made me stable and the moments of happiness have increased and to look at life positively and in professional life, my focus and consistency have come double folds.

8) What is your plan?

The plan is not much, living in the present moment and trying to enjoy every moment at its fullest

9) What is your message to our viewers?

At the moment in this COVID-19 pandemic is to stay safe, be positive, and try to see the bigger picture of living life which is ultimately to be happy irrespective of whatever situation you are in. Never lose focus on your dreams and cherish your passion. You will have to do hard work and it will be emotionally tough but ultimately it will pay off.

I have been following the Art of living organization and learned simple techniques of meditation and yoga which have been so beneficial at this time. You all can try it too.

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