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He built solutions for others out of his own problems

Mustafa Jetpurwala has been helping lower strata people for last 25 years now. He has been arranging blood donors for poor patients. He runs a voluntary helpline, Lifeline blood donors, which he started in 1994. We started Human network group for supporting poor patients for providing medical help, finances, food & emotional support to outstation patients from poor socio background.

Along with his friend, he also started “Gods Volunteers” group which supports orphanages and poor kids by providing food, toys and clothes.

Please watch this short video about his life journey but do not miss his interview with Inspirational Beings team.

Why did you think of starting a mission for medical help and blood bank for poor people?

When I was young, my mother was hospitalized for heart treatment. I realized then how it gets difficult both emotionally and financially, if someone in the family has to undergo prolonged medical treatment. At that time, we were working hard to pay for my mother’s medical bill but still most of the times struggled to pay medical expenses. Later my mother passed away.

In the second instance, when my friend’s mother needed blood for her surgery, we were running around to arrange for blood. At that time I realized how difficult and costly it becomes for a poor family to arrange blood. That time I decided to help with this cause. We formed a group of friends who could contribute towards helping needy for medical treatment and could help in forming blood bank for poor and needy people.

We have been helping needy in society for the last 25 years. We help poor patients; provide financial help, food, counseling, help them understand their rights as a poor patients. We have created our own blood banks and provide free blood to the poor patients. Apart from helping patients, we also provide food and books for the orphanages, and distribute blankets and foods to the people sleeping on the road.

What is your best experience in this journey?

I remember one instance when a person, Shiv Kumar, from a different state came for cancer treatment for his wife and approached me for help. When I realized they were very poor and had no money even to buy basic food, I left some money with a man who was working in hospital’s canteen so that he could provide them food. Later, when I went to pay him some more money for their food, that man said he started getting food from his home as the money provided was over. He refused to take more money from me. This man and that family were from different state and religion but that time I realized humanity is the biggest religion.

How do you manage this work?

I do this work along with my job and most of the time I work day in and out. I had to undergo heart surgery 10 yrs ago and then I was admitted and couldn't help in our mission for a few months. But today I motivate heart patients by exhibiting my example and by showing them my own operation wounds. The relief I see on their faces gives me more energy to help others. Many good people in society who knows about our work help different patients.

I am a firm believer in superpower. God sends people to help other people and we should help those people to serve God. If our intentions are good then all hurdles go away.

Your Mantra in life?

Help people without any expectations.

This interview is supported by

Neetu Gurnani from Mumbai, India

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